mini-course FOR NEW COACHES!

Hey Coaches! I'm thrilled to welcome you to this exciting journey we're about to embark on together. This mini-course is designed to pack a punch – to empower you with key coaching skills and tools that will not only boost your coaching prowess but make each coaching session a transformative experience for your clients.

Throughout this course, you'll discover a wealth of practical tips, effective tricks, and unique action points. No fluff. No unnecessary jargon. Just practical, down-to-earth knowledge that you can start using straight away. We also provide you with over 10 customisable resources for you to use with you clients, in your coaching sessions. Let's give you a quick rundown of what's in store:

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Welcome to Coaching Essentials Mini Course!

course Overview

The opening section introduces the course, providing a clear layout of what lies ahead. This will ensure you know exactly what you're going to learn and how to make the most of it.

how the course works


In our first core lesson, we tackle the bedrock of all coaching – active listening. You'll explore how active listening can drastically improve your coaching sessions and strengthen your relationship with your clients. We'll delve into top tips and tricks that can help you hone this skill and provide actionable tasks for you to practice.


Lesson 1

Every effective coaching session aims towards achieving certain goals. This lesson will introduce you to the art of setting effective, achievable goals for your clients. And yes, there will be a good measure of our top tips, helpful tricks and action points to get you right into the action.

LESSON 2: goal setting

Lesson 2

Welcome to one of the most popular coaching models around. The GROW model. You'll learn how to use this model to guide your coaching conversations and help your clients achieve their goals. And as usual, we'll complement the lesson with our top tips, tricks and action points.

LESSON 3: grow model

Lesson 3

Time to wear your strategic hat! We'll take a deep dive into the SWOT Analysis – a powerful tool for decision-making and planning. You'll learn how to facilitate a SWOT analysis in your coaching sessions to aid your clients in their decision-making process.

LESSON 4: swot analysis

Lesson 4

Our final core lesson will delve into the crucial aspect of self-talk. Here we'll explore how to help your clients transform their self-talk into a positive, empowering tool, instead of a roadblock.

LESSON 5: self-talk

Lesson 5

Bonus tool

This journal is based-around the 'Shadow Work' method. It is designed to help you explore the unconscious parts of yourself and to bring them into conscious awareness in a safe and supportive way.